Role models are powerful and hence it is important to choose wisely because they bring out a positive influence to be the best person possible. For instance, a report which analyzed the role of female politicians noted that over time, the more that women politicians are made visible by national news coverage, the more likely adolescent girls are to indicate an intention to be politically active.

However, Negative role models may also influence women and other groups. Young girls and women assume that the behaviors of negative role models are safe and acceptable, but it results in low self-esteem and further unhealthy life decisions and actions (For example, steroidal use) to emulate celebrities in advertisements.

With constant bombardment of naive and unrealistic body type advertisements, young girls are having a difficult time growing up and accepting their own individual self. They also tend to involve in inappropriate behavior, bullying, violence, and drug/ alcohol abuse because of poorly chosen role models.

Entertainment industry and social media needs to be more responsible of displaying role models in this era. Sensible campaigns like Love your body by National Organization of Women should be presented and promoted to magazines, advertisement and commercials. Parents and mentors should also intervene by counselling about inappropriate behaviors of role models and help to identify more positive models to embrace. It will uplift the self-esteem and help girls feel confident without copying their role models completely.