Women empowerment; or Women liberalization, has been one of the most emphasized issues in the modern perspective. At present there are adequate numbers of people who acknowledge women’s rights in the society, who comprehend their needs and who understand their significance in the society. But, what’s the way forward? Are all women really able to live the lives they want? Is awareness enough to empower women’s? 

                           Women empowerment is the process of empowering women , Empowerment can be defined in many ways , however , when talking about women’s empowerment , empowerment means accepting and including people who are outside of the decision making process into it . The feminist moment that first raised the need for women’s empowerment started in the 1800’s when a woman demanded their right to vote in Britain. Since then there have more waves of the Feminist movement on global basis.

0To put in more rationalistic approach, women empowerment permits women’s to have social equality, gender equality, economic equality and it even allows women’s to have their reproductive rights . At current, women’s issues have been receiving tremendous brace from the society yet we can certainly see downfall in various sectors like education, health care and ravishment. According to recent survey, among the world’s 123 million illiterate youth, 76 million are female. These disparities remain persistent with the little change over time. The female literacy rate is under 50% in +12 countries in subSaharan Africa. In several cases it’s fewer than 20%. Eventually, same goes for rape statistics, A United Nation statistical  report compiled from government showed that more than 2,50,000 cases of rape or attempted were recorded by police annually . The reported data covered 65 countries. Whereas, countries like Lesotho (82.6), Swaziland (77.5), Bermuda (67.3), and Sweden (63.5) were calculated to have the highest rape statistics in 2020. Thus arriving out of the above mentioned survey it would be safe to say that we still got miles to go. Speaking of which women’s existence got a lot of physical and mental aspects which incorporates affairs like sexuality, reproductive health and reproduction. These proceedings eventually transpire to be turning point in women’s life, which requires her physical and mental preparedness. Such decisive moments even requires women’s consent.

But the question that arises here is, is the women’s belief taken into deliberation? What is she don’t want to reproduce? What if she is not prepared to reproduce? Will the court accept her dissent?

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Reproductive rights have been one of the most dominant yet neglected subjects. Women’s reproductive rights include some significant decisions such as rights for abortion, birth control, and freedom from coerced sterilization contraception, the right to access good-quality reproductive healthcare and right to have proper education releated to reproduction.  Reproductive rights are essential components of an open society, without which women can’t fully enjoy equality. For women’s in particular, the ability to control decision pertaining to the reproductive health means they control their own destiny. Access to these reproductive rights is primary need for women’s however, the global status of women’s and girls sexual and reproductive rights is quite disturbing: 214 million women worldwide want, but lack access to contracepation, more than 800 women die daily from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth; and same sex relationship between consenting are still illegal in 76 countries globally.

Stealing Roe One Law At A Time - PopularResistance_Org.jpg    Birth control and abortion isn’t topic that needs to have debate as an option, it’s everyone’s privacy, and its healthcare. We ought to keep healthcare out of politics and religion. Women’s can make their decision. They aren’t flowers who are born to bear fruits.  We aren’t Handmaids.


                                                                   – Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg   

                In March 2020, an Indian woman decided to have abortion after her partner refused to marry her and ended the relationship. By the time she was 24 weeks pregnant and abortion, under India’s current laws, would have been criminal offence. So she filed case in India’s state high court pleading for abortion. As pregnancy was affecting her mental health and if she gave birth, the child would suffer the mental torture throughout its life. However the court refused to give permission. The state government argued that there are no grounds for abortion since the pregnancy was the outcome of actions victim was aware of. Almost 56% abortions in India are under the category of unsafe.

                               Lucia, women from Rusca got pregnant due to rape; she then underwent an abortion at home. Later on police arrested her with charges of exercising criminal abortion; they refused to provide her food, for murdering her own child. She was sentenced for 20 years imprisonment by the Goldeni court.


                                  Millicent (Kenya) gave birth at Pumwani maternity hospital; because of some financial crisis she wasn’t able to pay bills. She was then held in reserve as a prisoner. The detention room of the maternity hospital was next to the restroom; due to lack of hospital facilities  4 women’s had to share one bed. There is lack of proper medication unit, nursing unit and basic necessity

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We are part of society were women gets blamed for other’s behavior. If you get raped, it’s because you might have excited the man, if you get hit you might have annoyed someone, women would be judged if she gets married in young age, she would be judged if she marries in late too, she would be judged if she does abortion, she would be judged if she wasn’t able to give her child a better life too, she would be judged if got pregnant at young age, she would be judged if she gives birth late too. We are part of a judgmental society were women’s are specified to written rights and men’s are given social rights. We live in the society were men’s are afraid women’s would laugh at them and women are afraid that men would kill them. We live in the society were women’s would be considered as a murderer for abortion.  Why does women always has to be a fruitful flower why can’t she be lilies or roses.

Women Who Have an Abortion in Georgia Could Soon Be Sentenced to Life in Prison.jpgWomen’s are humans and they should be treated like one to, she deserves all the glory and rights, she deserves to have her privacy, she deserves to have rights social and constitutional rights, she deserves to make her own decision.


 Written by Durva.